Survival Of The Sickest

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Intro: Survival of the Sickest by Sharon Moalem and Jonathan Prince is a book that questions what we know, and tells us why. They also give great explananations Dr. Moalem talks about how iron is essential to every human function., with it we die, without it we die also. Hemochromatosis is a valid exapmle of evolutions fight agaisnt the bubonic plague. As Dr. Moalem puts it " Macrophages are the police wagons of the immune system. They circle our systems looking for trouble; when they find it, they surround it, try to subdue or kill it, and bring it back to the station in our lymph nodes", they are important. The black plaguehowver, hijacks the macrophages and uses its iron to its advantage, increasing its spread throughout the body.…show more content…
It is "most deadly-in Norht Africa and southern Europe, all around the mediterranean". Yet, that is where they consume ti the most. Evolution is full of compromises. Favism may be deadly but Malaria is deadlier, so whatever it takes to lives longer and reproduce is good. Evolution gave a G6PD deficiency to people around the African area in order to to protect them from Malaria. When plants need protection from predators, they developed defense mechanisms. Cassava has cyanide compounds and in tough times it increases it levels of leathality. too much of a godd thing, is a bad thing. He also talks about the different chemical weapons plants develop. His ideas are completely logical. I also agree with the authors statement about being careful of what plants you eat, but also regulating what plants you need to eat. He also explains the dangers we face by eating common plant.He uses the case of celery: "Psoralen in celery can cause skin damage, but it is also a real help for people with Psoriasis".Not only have we've evolved to combat bacteria and viruses, but we have developed resistance to some plants, for example the bitter taste. We also convert plants into medicine. The author noted that the first effective antimalaria medicine came from the Cinchona bark. Throughout the chapter Dr. Moalem expressed how the effects of disease can be countered with the help of plants. HE conveyed his meaning that plants are a double-edged sword. I picked this topic because I didnt know plants could do so much harm. Ive heard "leaves of three let it be". However I've never heard

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