Survival in Canada Essay

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Survival in Canada Life is not always what people expected. The first settlers In Canada found that out, when it defiantly was not what they expected; they needed to fight to survive to live in Canada. David Thompson, the author of David Thompson’s Narrative of his Explorations in Western America and, Samuel Hearne who wrote A Journey from Prince of Wales’s Fort in Hudson’s Bay to the Northern Ocean. Both had to fight to survive in Canada. The struggles to survive through the cold harsh winter, this was a huge challenge. Canada was a brutal place back then, to the point that one would even take another’s life to save their own. Food was also a huge need to survive; they eat whatever they have. Survival in Canada was a huge struggle for everyone, not all in the say. They all still needed to fight for their lives. Weather in Canada is a huge problem for those who were attempting to survive. Proper shelter would have been a great help for some settlers, but was rare for them to have just as Samuel Hearne says “the want for a proper tent.” (Hearne 25) Also “The tent we had with us was not only too large and unfit for barren ground service, where no poles were to be got, but we had been obliged to cut it up for shoes, each person carried his own share.” (Hearne 25) The cold harsh winter made it extremely hard for the settlers to fight any type of disease they caught, such as the small pox. “In the year 1782 the small pox from Canada extended to them and more than one-half died.” (Thompson 18) Small pox is a hard enough disease to attempt to fight, but the winter does not help. The winter makes the settlers weaker, they have less food, and the cold is really slowing them down. They can’t travel to find anything to help due to the snow, and their weakness. Canada’s winter’s caused many deaths back in these years. It was one of the main challenging that they had

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