Survival Assesment Essay

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Survival Assesment When you see it, only few will remember. He is now a fully grown man who carries a face marked with indelible ink of suffering and injustice. However, in his suffering eyes still lives that child from the mountains named John, son of Domitilla and the stepson of the cowardly Fermín. His short life found rest in the friendship of Pacho, the mayor's son, Rosita, a young shepherd, and the old blacksmith who taught him to beat the iron and make paper birds with only a few folds. For this we should remember the fateful day when the Pacho’s father was assassinated and Juan discovers that Fermín, his stepfather, is a telltale terruco and is involved in the crime the town has to come across. The tragedy of knowledge condemns him to be given to terrorists by his stepfather, ensuring silence from his part. Out of nowhere, without anyone being consulted, Juan militates in the ranks of terrorism, along with other children and teenagers like him, as captives who are trained to kill and to witness death without even blinking. Everything in John is reluctant to accept it. During an assault on a side camp from the Peruvian government he was ordered to kill a soldier, yet he absolutely refused. But one of the sinister, ruthless, girls that accompanied him took his hand plunging the knife into the soldier’s chest right in the heart. It was a horrible contact with death, blood spots in his memory haunt him when he flees terrified towards the highlands. The flight has a destiny, his town. There are no obstacles, while bordering hills, his lungs breath in the purpose of alerting his countrymen of an imminent terrorist raid. Nobody believes him. He is accused of being their decoy. The patrolmen dismissed the warning and neglect the vigil. Domitilla manages to hide John, but he is soon found after the same girl who made him kill the soldier,

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