Survey Literature Essay

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Survey of Literature Course Description: According to the Oxford American Dictionary, “survey” means “to look closely and thoroughly at something.” Survey of Literature at Harper High School, as its name suggests, is therefore a close and thorough study of English at the 9th grade level. The course provides students with the basic foundations for studying literature by focusing on six particular areas: reading, writing, literature, grammar, vocabulary, and listening and speaking. The class is separated into eight units designed to take approximately 5-6 weeks to complete. Units expose students to a wide variety of literature from multiple genres (short stories, poetry, novels, and plays). While studying each unit, students consider essential questions and develop their answers to those questions based on the texts they explore and the writing they undertake. Course Objectives: In Survey of Literature, students will have opportunities to: Read literature from a variety of sources and understand the connections between what they read and the context in which it was written Distinguish between the various genres of literature Read selected literary texts in a way that is significant to themselves Incorporate appropriate grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation in all public work Participate in discussion by listening thoughtfully to others and presenting their own ideas cogently and persuasively Write sentences of increasing maturity and complexity Write paragraphs and short essays that demonstrate a logical progression of ideas and clear coherence between ideas Participate in the process of writing from the inception of ideas to revision Develop a personal style and voice, varying it according to the needs of the subject and audience Use skills learned in English to relate to the world around them and
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