Surti People and Their Lifestyle Essay

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SURTI PEOPLE AND THEIR LIFESTYLE. By A.j Surat previously known as Suryapur is a well developed metropolis. The people of surat are commonly reffered as 'suratis' and the language is spoken by them is 'gujarati'. Life in Surat city is full of activity. Early in the morning hundreds of people rush out their homes in the manner ants do when their nest broken. Soon the streets are full of tracffic. Shops and offices open, students flock to their schools and the work of the day begins. Surat has a unique food culture. Early morining, Suratis carve for popular gujarti dishes with strange names like Fafda, jalebi, locha, khaman and so many dishes to mention. Suratis are always in "Maja-ma". The people of guajrat are very passionate of food and besides enjoying their own food, they are also fond of serving delicacies to their guests. There are number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants in surat. If you want to try best gujarat thali then surat is the best place to try out. Towards evening, the offices begins to close and schools comes to an end. Group of people gathers and begins moving towards their homes. There are number of tourist attraction places in surat to visit. Travellers from different parts of the countries comes to to visit this city. Surat has remarked termendous development in economic field. Surat municipal coporations, SMC is authorised to work for the city. With the coming of night, another kind of activity begins. People now seeks entertainment. Many visits the cinema, malls, parks and restaurants. People enjoy having their evening meals outside their homes. And late in the night people fell asleep and prepare themselves for another happening day. The city could therefore, be described as a place of never-ending activity. Here, the drama of life is enacted

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