Surry County High School Narrative

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A New Beginning to the End News Correspondent: Brandon Parham On October 16, 2008, a new student, Brandon Devontae Parham enrolled in Surry County High School with only three books, one heart and an infinite amount of dreams. He recently transferred from Sussex and will now share his thoughts on his new school. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On October 16 of this year, I entered Surry County High School after being transferred from Sussex. Upon reaching the school, I felt a powerful sense of nostalgia overwhelm me. The outside of the school, perfectly dotted with trees surrounded by two other schools reminded me of home because in truth, not much is different. The coolness and warmth the school exudes is far beyond explanation. My father was accompanying me because we had just left the school board office which is not far from the school. As we entered the school a few thoughts came to mind. The first of few was how the interior of the facility differed from the interior of Sussex. Facility wise, Surry pails in comparison to Sussex, but the next few minutes of attending the school would make me think otherwise. My father and I sat down and awaited the guidance counselor. After a long…show more content…
I first asked her what she likes about the school. “It’s small.” She says. My next question was in regards to her liking the school. “The condition of it like, it’s about to fall down.” I finished up the interview asking her about me attending the school and whether or not it’s a plus. “Yeah, you’re my friend. C’mon.” I took the response in delight and decided to ask one more question. “Have you heard anything about Sussex?” “They don’t like us, but I have friends there so I don’t know.” After the interview, I thanked her for her time and moved on to the next person, Mr.

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