Surrounding Environment Essay

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Bao To Assignment 4 Week 9 An ecosystem is comprised of living organisms together with their surrounding environment. It consists of both the biotic and biotic constituents. The interrelation between living organisms and their environment forms an ecosystem. The biotic constituents found in the local ecosystem include; water, minerals, soil and other nonliving constituents such as sunlight and climate. The living part of the ecosystem is referred to as biotic. Biotic and biotic constituents are linked together by nutrients cycling and energy flow. Sun is the main source of energy in an ecosystem. Energy is transferred through an ecosystem through food chain. Human activities such as industrialization and agricultural practices have adversely affected the ecosystem. Order now The components of an ecosystem include animals, plants and microorganisms. It is also comprised of non living materials such as water, minerals, soil and rocks. Its sizes vary with its components. An ecosystem can range from a mere backyard garden to a vast land under rainforest. Animal body is sometimes considered as an ecosystem since it can support life. The words "environment" and "ecology" have been increasingly in the news. Man is beginning to fear that his daily activities may be limiting the future use of resources. Pesticide use and drift can affect air quality; pesticides in the food chain can threaten wildlife populations; and soil may no longer be suitable for optimal crop production. Pesticides are now recognized to be non-point sources of water pollution. As a result, pesticide practices are being watched closely. As pesticide applicators, it is important to do your job carefully by both controlling pest populations and at the same time protecting the environment from the potential adverse effects of pesticide use. The human race needs a place to live with clean air and
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