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Name Course Tutor Date The Controversies That Surround Vaccination Smallpox eradication has been the most considerable and critical feat within the medical industry in the US. This deadly contagious disease is estimated to have claimed more lives than any other disease within the medical history of America; almost three hundred million individuals have fallen victim of this Dracula disease within the 20th century. According to Willrich, the disease is known to have killed around thirty percent of the entire population of infected people. “Historically, smallpox killed 25 to 30 percent of all those whom it infected” (Willrich, 4). Since 1972, there has been no urgent need to carry out vaccinations against the disease by the United…show more content…
The US Supreme Court had given the Us Health Department a lot of power in a bid to eradicate it (Willrich, 3). Police and health officers went about raiding homes and carrying out forceful vaccination of individuals, who had not been vaccinated as well as evicting those who would be found already infected with the deadly virus. With all these under consideration, it could be appropriate to understand the horror that might come with the possibility of another smallpox…show more content…
whooping cough, measles, diphtheria and polio, it still remains a controversial issue to a few people. Individuals have often weighed the preventive vaccination risk against the risk of deadly host diseases. While still recovering from the vaccination scare, a biochemist known as Nicholas Chadwick rose against all scientists to note that certain vaccines (specifically MMR vaccines) could be responsible for autism in children. This finding caused a lot of tension as well as mistrust within the public towards the vaccines. He explained that these vaccines might have certain harmful proteins that would leak from the victims’ gut into their bloodstream and finally to the brain thus resulting to the disorder (Sharon, 4). This statement has since resulted to creations of several other findings, some of which are aimed at supporting it while others dispute it. My main focus will not be on the findings. I would like to focus on the common citizens at homes. Most parents have now hesitated in ensuring that their children have taken the vaccine thus resulting to a slight rise in the diseases. The MMR vaccines may have been used for a lengthy period of time. Whether it could be true that it is responsible for autism or not, fear for its side effects may have been taken overboard. After all, not all the children who got the vaccines contracted autism. David Greene, in his interviews with

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