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SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIST VS. CIRCULATOR JACOB THOMAS 10/12/2012 Abstract In the OR setting the surgeon is the head honcho. He works with many careers from anesthesiologist to even a sales representative. However, there are two key roles that a surgeon needs to help him do his job to the greatest potential. These two roles are the Surgical Technologist and the Circulator. I will discuss the importance of each role in the OR and how they are similar and different from each other. Let’s start with the role of the Surgical Technologist. This role is also called the scrub tech. They are what you could call the Surgeon’s “Right Hand”. They control many things in the OR which help the surgery go as planned. However, before they can perform any of these tasks they have two important things to do first. They must do a surgical hand scrub and also don sterile gowns and gloves. To complete their surgical hand scrub they must do a thorough scrub of their hands and arms to two inches above the elbows. This scrub should take up to three minutes to ensure that there is enough time to do all the many things that needs to be done before the patient enters the room. Now once this is done in the proper amount of time, the Surgical Technologist will don sterile gowns and gloves. Once they have downed their sterile gowns and gloves they are ready to start the many tasks they have to complete. They will first set up a back table a mayo stand, and their ring stand. The back table is where a lot of their instruments will go. Their mayo stand will have the most important instruments needed during the surgery. Their ring stand will hold the basin set which consists of bowls and things that will hold sterile water in them or specimens to go to pathology. When they get all this opened they will then do their initial instrument, sponge, and needle count. They will receive the

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