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In this generation, surfing the Internet has become our daily routine. With the Net, we can do many things, such as shopping for clothes, making friends, and getting information. We rely on the Internet to solve problems in our daily life. First, shopping online for clothes is the thing I like to do the best on the Internet. There are many kinds of clothes I can choose by browsing the websites. I don’t have to go outsides to buy them, which saves me a lot of time. It is especially convenient when the weather is not good. Second, we can make many kinds of friends on the Internet. We can know foreign friends who can tell us about their experiences, cultures, work, and so on through the Internet. On the other hand, we don’t have to go long distance to meet them; we can just sit in front of the computer and talk to them in English. Therefore, making friends on the Internet can not only open our mind to the world but also improve our language skills. Third, we can get lots of information from the Internet. If we didn’t have the Internet, we would have to spend much time searching information. Nowadays, we only need to key words into Google and we will find a lot of relevant information. It is very convenient and can save us much time. In addition, we can get the news of current events instantly on the Internet. We can also choose what we want to know on the Web. We can not only save time in searching news but also save the money for buying newspapers. Finally, the Internet makes our life become more convenient and variable. Take myself for example. I used to go to the movie theater to see movies. With the Internet, I almost stay at home to download movies to watch and can eat my favorite food while enjoying the movies. I consider that the Internet is one of the biggest inventions in this generation. To sum up, the Internet not only

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