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When it comes to choosing a surfboard, your options are endless. Since we have a range of waves, we have a range variety of surfboards because each board has different levels of tolerance. When beginning this sport, your best choice for a surfboard or a longboard. If you’re looking to stand up on the board and ride to shore a longboard is your best choice, because they are the easiest boards to paddle and they provide the most stability. On the other hand, if your goal is to maneuver through the water, then you should choose a fun board; it has less length and makes a turn much easier to learn. When purchasing a new wetsuit the most important thing to pay attention to is how it fits. Shop around as much as you can and make sure the suit has a comfortable feel. All suits will be tight by design but it shouldn't restrict any of your motion. Test your wetsuit by raising your arms overhead and arching your back, then bending and touching your toes. Do some squats. Pay attention to the suit's response, if you're getting pinched or if it is uncomfortable then you need to try on a different wetsuit. Now that you know how to surf hopefully you were able to get up on your first try. If not, shake it off and paddle back out there. Surfing will take time and patience, so stick with it and you'll be glad you

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