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SURF SKIING 1 Are you willing to try Surf Skiing even if there is storm? 2 Do you think it is dangereous to do Surf Skiing when the weather is not good? 3 Is there any part of the year that is hard for you to try Surf Skiing in San Juan, La Union? 4 Does the climate in the Phils affects the activities in La Union? 5 Do you think it’s safe when you try Surf Skiing during Dry Season? STAND-UP SURFING 6 Do you think it's good to try Stand-up Surfing if it is Sunny in San Juan, La Union? 7 In your Opinion, it is safe to do Stand-up Surfing when there is a typhoon? 8 Do you prefer Wet Season than Dry Season? 9 Has the activities been affected by extreme weather events in the past? 10 As a resident do you think when performing Stand-up Surfing when the weather is not good it has a high risk? BODY BOARDING 11 In your preference, would you enjoy Body Boarding even if there is no strong waves? 12 Is it much better to try Body Boarding during Summer? 13Do you think April is the best month to perform a Body Boarding in San Juan, La Union? 14 Does the residence in San Juan, La Union are trying to think new potential activities for climate change in tourism business? 15 Does Dry Season Affects how the activities in San Juan, la Union

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