Supression of Women and Society in the Crucible

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The repression of women and the suspicions of a patriarchal society lead to rebellion and hysteria. Suppression prevents female character developing. Miller portrays women as weak, it seems that he uses his own view of women and presents it in the crucible. Hale shows authority over Abigail: ‘You can not evade me Abigail’ here he expresses his control and power, Hale puts pressure onto Abigail to tell the truth; is she lies he knows that she will be believe over him because of his male dominance. The use of ‘evade’ tells Abigail that he cannot be overcome and therefore she cannot overcome god like she has taken control of the Girls. Miller has used a comma before Hale says Abigail to prolong the pressure that Abigail is under as well as to lengthen the dramatic tension. The women of Salem are only seen as house wives, doing the normal roles of a mother and wife. Miller exerts an extreme amount of pressure on them to be a certain way; it is like Miller is expressing his view on women in ‘The Crucible’. The society preaches freedom however value uniformity more. Conformity and suppression destroyed the sense of trust between villagers causing greed and leading them to blame each other. People would exploit others in order to save themselves leading to an endless cycle of lies and mistrust. Tragedy first started with false accusations thus the suppression of the girls therefore their act of rebellion, through expressing themselves in less desirable ways. Miller creates conflict with maximum affect by not only using one or two women in the close-knit village but most of them including the young
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