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Supreme Court Case Research Paper

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  • on November 4, 2014
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Supreme Court Case Research Paper
Assignment taken and modified from TechBoston Academy
First Draft: Oct 16; Final Draft: Nov 30; Present Nov 17-20

For this paper, you will choose one strand of civil rights or civil liberties and trace four () Supreme Court decisions on the topic.   This is not just a summary of the three cases – your goal is to make connections between them and the civil right/liberty being discussed in your paper (although a brief summary of each is probably necessary).   You must root your paper in Supreme Court research and actual case opinions.

This is not as intimidating as it sounds. There are amazing resources out there for Constitutional Law, many of which make Supreme Court decisions easy to read and dissect. Additionally, upon deciding every Supreme Court case, the justices write opinions – majority and dissenting – which offer the Justices’ reasoning for deciding a case one way or the other and insight into the significance of the case. Those opinions are a good place to start. However, I am not looking for a simple cut-and-paste job. Rather than present these as a boring chronology of the Supreme Court, you will draw connections between the cases and the civil right/liberty you’ve selected.   Was this right expanded or contracted by this case? Did the case overturn a previous ruling? Is one of your cases used as precedent for another of your cases? You have the advantage of hindsight and so know the impact the decision has had on American life and jurisprudence.

Due to the time constraints of writing this paper, it is very important that you meet all of the deadlines. We have less than a quarter to make this paper a complete, thoughtfully constructed work. It is crucial that you plan your work and use your time effectively. You will have some class time to work on this assignment, but largely you will be working independently. I will, however, hold frequent after school help sessions for this assignment.

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