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Supreme Court And Emerging Technology Essay

  • Submitted by: nguyenftwvn
  • on March 4, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Supreme court and emerging technology
The available Supreme Court decisions are well equipped to deal with emerging technological advancements to some extent by setting guidelines but many issues still occur because of the vagueness of the constitution. That is because with the technological advancements the interpretation of the constitution is then redefined for new situation. All the previous decisions of the Supreme Court will set a basic guideline for the future decisions of the court. Using these old decisions the Supreme Court will now have a basis for dealing with with the new technology such as text messaging, DNA profiling, GPS monitoring. These new technologies bring forth for the court new decisions in which they will redefine what the constitution mean, like the changing of the rights in the first and fourth amendment.
The right of the first amendment is basically a right to protect ones beliefs.   Much technological advancement has changed how we use these rights. Previously it was to protect written works and freedom of assembly but now the meaning expands to videos, text messages, Facebook, and the internet. The two main parts of the first amendment that is always changing is the freedom of speech and freedom of press. One of the emerging technologies that occurred is the introduction of the internet to society. The main problem that the internet brought forth is censorship for minor usage. “Unlike radio, which can restrict programs to certain hours of the day, when children are less likely to be listening, the internet is available 24 hours a day” (R L Weaver, p.27). The internet allowed access to indecent content any time to a minor and the only way to prevent the children from surfing to these sites is to install software. “This software can limit child access to an approved list of sources that have been identified as containing no adult material.”(RL Weaver, p.28). The Communications Decency Act came forth and tried to censor the internet...

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