Supporting Young People Essay

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1Enable these young people to reflect on their own beliefs, concerns and priorities to maintain their health, safety and wellbeing Journey to Excellence This resource will be updated to reflect new and innovative approaches as Curriculum for Excellence is developed. Please email or comment in the box below any feedback on the resource or suggestions for improvement to help keep the resource up to date. 'Inclusive education is concerned with the quest for equity, social justice, participation… It is about the removal of all forms of barriers of discrimination and oppression and it is about the well-being of all learners.' Professor Len Barton, Institute of Education, University of London Purpose of this activity This pack has been designed to be used by staff working in all sectors. The activities are generic and can be adapted to suit a range of contexts. The pack provides school leaders, teachers and staff at all levels with opportunities to: • reflect on their practice in terms of supporting children and young people • consider ways to improve support for learning in their own establishments. Learning outcomes In particular, the pack aims to provide opportunities for you to: • reflect on your learning community’s existing practice in supporting children and young people; • work collaboratively with all staff to support learning experiences for young people with additional support needs; • enable you to compare practice in your school or centre with that in other establishments; and • encourage a culture of continuous reflection on supporting children and young people. Who is this for? This programme is for all members of the learning community. It will explore how they can best support children and young
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