Supporting Material In Nixon Resignation Speech Essay

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According to page 190 in the textbook, “Speaking with Confidence and Skill” by Lynne Kelly and Arden K. Watson, supporting materials are details that serve the following 3 functions in a speech. First, they provide explanations to the main points and make the main points clearer to the audience. Second, they provide evidence to the speech and third, they make the speech more interesting and relevant to the audience. There are 8 types of supporting materials, in which we are able to identify 6 of them in his speech, which are examples, illustrations, quotations, comparisons, definitions and descriptions. Visual aids were not used in his speech because it is unnecessary and we couldn’t identify any specific statistics used. In his speech, he urged the audience to maintain friendship with other countries. He used the cooperation with Soviet Union to limit nuclear arms as an example to show the friendship between United States and the other nations. To illustrate his love and commitment to the country, he talked about the time when he first became the president and the promises he made to himself and to the country back then. To make his speech clearer to the audience, he defined his duty to persevere, as to make every possible effort to complete the term of office to which the Americans at that time elected him. Other than that, he described his decisions during the term of his office, including his resignation, were all made in what he believed to be the best interests of the American nation. In addition, President Nixon also compared himself before and after the Watergate incident. He strongly believed that there was no longer a valid reason to continue his term of office after the Watergate incident, as he somehow lost the trust from the people of United States and the Congress. As another example for comparison, he stated that the people in Asia, in Africa, in

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