Support the Health and Safety of Yourself and Individuals Essay

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Support the health and safety of yourself and individuals The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) forms a major part of my role. As a care worker, I have to ensure that I am aware of and put into practice many of the legislations, organisational policies, and procedures relating to Health & Safety at work. I am aware that I have a responsibility to keep myself, individuals and others for whom I am responsible for, safe and secure within the working environment. Consequently, I must co-operate with my employer in respect of health and safety matters; contribute to a safe environment; and ensure that my actions support health & safety practice at all times. Some of the ways that I follow Health and Safety at Work includes carrying out risk assessments. Before starting my daily working activities I check to see if there is anything that could cause harm to me, the service users or others. I use risk assessments and examine the areas in which I work, the service users and any equipments I have to use; to ensure that they are safe, hazard free and conform to legal and organizational requirement for health & safety. I make sure that I remove anything that could cause danger or pose a risk to the service users or myself. For example, I will move furniture or any obstacles out of the way, store cleaning products and equipment safely, roll up and store trailing flexes safety. Subsequently, when moving or helping clients with their daily living activities, I check that all equipment are checked to ensure they are in good working order and safe. I ensure I always correctly use equipments provided by my employers at work for example, using a hoist instead of doing manual lifting. I also work in pairs so that the client is moved safely, comfortably; plus prevent any falls or harm to client. I always wash my hands before and after I finish my shift,

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