Support Strategies for Sen Children Essay

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Introduction This essay will discuss and identify support strategies put in place for a child and their family. It will further discuss how the setting meets their needs. The child needs support with his physical development, hearing and communication and language. The child is 3 years of age but showing a developmental stage of birth to 11months only. The child is behind in all developmental areas. It will further explain how legislation and policies affect the Early Years provision in terms of inclusion. Roles and responsibilities will be discussed and how multi agency workers come together and to support the child and their family. It will discuss the benefits on practice and what strategies the setting uses to meet the needs of the child. Child x needs support with walking, speech, and hearing. Child x uses a walker that has been given to him by the physiotherapist. The walker is brought to the setting on Monday and taken home on Friday so it can be used at home on the weekend. The walker enables the child to build his muscles stronger and move around. Child x also has hearing aids for both ears which helps him to hear everything going on around him. Child X uses a special visual time table points to where he wants to go and what activity he wants to participate in. This is an idea brought forward by the speech and impairment officer. This helps child X follow a routine and allows him to be actively involved in making choices. The input of external professionals if extremely beneficial for the child as it allows us as a setting to reach the highest possible standards. He also uses a particular chair which allows him to reach the table when participating in activities. This enables inclusion as it means the child is able to participate in activities and won't feel left out. Child x has cushions that he uses when he is on the floor; this helps him lay on
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