Support Organisation of an Event

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1.1 - Describe the role and responsibilities required when supporting the organisation of an event Duty Manager – Takes overall responsibility of the event and the event space, the duty manager is also the first point of contact for first aid. In case of an emergency such as fire evacuation the duty manager is responsible for evacuation procedure. The duty manager also deals with the health and safety in the space making sure that the space is not over capacity and that the space itself is safe to be used by members of the public. Box Office Staff – Box office staff are responsible for the booking and ticket sales for the event. Depending on how big the event is (customer wise) more box office staff may be required. Front of House Assistants – Front of house assistants are responsible for health and safety of customers in the space they have several roles on event nights such as ticket collecting, helping customers with general enquiries, seating, setup of the space, selling merchandise and delivering customer service, they also help the duty manager with audience monitoring and the fire evacuation. There is normally 1 front of house assistant per 70 customers this varies depending on the size and needs of the event. Security – Some events may require security which will consist of 1 supervisor and 2 SIA badge holders. Their roles include bag searches, “pat down” searches for any weapons or items that are not allowed in the building and general safety of customers. Event Manager – Deals with the production and delivery of the event, makes sure the event is on time, communicating with the duty manager, artists and tech team. Bar staff – Bar staff will normally consist of 3 members 1 shift leader and 2 working on bar. They are responsible for serving customers food and drink from the bar. Premises – On most events premises staff will be present to help with

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