Support Individuals Who Are Distress Essay

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Introduction to Personal development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Setting : 1. : A Care Assistant provides help and support to people with limited mobility or other care needs. This covers a wide variety of patients from people with physical disabilities to children with learning disabilities to elder people. This support might be completely health related or could also include social work like helping people writing letters or organizing their budgets. It may require to help clients with daily personal care like washing, feeding themselves, lifting and moving patients, using the toilet or helping families dealing with new responsibilities. Care Assistants might work in a Residential and Nursing homes and communities. Also may have to work with children with both physical and or learning disabilities. 2. : Being Aware of own personal attitudes and beliefs, being open and understanding to others attitudes and beliefs and respecting the differences between own and others. 3. : Bringing together your reflections on your own practice, using example. Team meetings and discussions. Support individuals who are Distress: 1.1: Employment problems, money problems, marital problems, child-rearing, serious illness of oneself, serious illness or death of a loved one, being a victim of crime (especially, but not limited to, violent crime), car accidents, foul people. Being widowed • Being divorced • Being retired • Unemployment • Physical disability / illness • Loneliness • Isolation • Neurological problems • Death of family member / friend • Relationship difficulties • Financial hardship • Difficulties at work 1.2 Describe signs that may indicate an individual is distressed (Ac1.2) • Sleep disturbances: if a person is sleeping more than usual or less than usual, if they cant fall asleep or wake up after only a few

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