Support Individuals to Live at Home.

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Support individuals to live at home. Essential standards. Essential standards were brought in from Oct 2010 requiring that all services within England involving health and adult social care are expected to comply with. Service providers are required to show evidence that quality and safety standards are being met when looking after service users, this is closely monitored by the Care Quality Commission. Important factors such as the safeguarding of individuals, personalised care and quality treatment are checked. Essential standards expected are; Service user’s preferences are to be included within plans involving their care and be kept informed of any changes. They have the right to be consulted regarding their care, treatment or assistance and may refuse it they wish. Service users will be offered support in order to help them stay independent. Service users can expect to be accommodated within a clean and safe environment, protected from harm and treated with respect and dignity by social care workers. Service users should receive the right support and care from qualified and trained staff. Service providers should monitor their services ensuring you that you are receiving adequate care or support. Should service users have any issues with their service providers they have the right to complain and have the matter dealt with accordingly. Personal details and records of service users are to be to be kept up to date and stored safely. 1.Describe how being supported to live at home can benefit an individual. Individuals who receive support living at home benefits them because; they are able to remain within their local community which is already familiar to them, it enables them to continue accessing available resources within their own area and they can keep in close contact with neighbours, local friends and family. Individuals will have

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