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Supporting at Day Centre On Wednesday 5/12/12 at 9am I drove to collect my client JK from her home in Maidstone , I pulled up outside the house and waited for my clients parents to bring her out to car , when the door opened I was greeted with mumbled noises and grunts from JK as every wed starts as a mute day but I answered her by saying ‘’ Good morning JK’’ and continued to use this sort of conversation to encourage her to participate in a polite and correct manner which will happen if you continue to be consistent progressing to things like how are you etc. and explaining that unless she talks properly to you will not be able to understand and do the things she would like. .I then assisted Jk into the car and made sure that she was securely strapped into her seat belt and comfortable and gave her a book she likes to flick through in car. I then had a quick briefing with JK’s parents on the events of the previous evening so that I had topics to converse with JK about and any information on her wellbeing that I needed to know. We then proceeded to drive to West Malling where one of the day centres JK attends is located. In the car I encourage JK all the way to talk properly as the conversation goes from grunts and then mumbling to basic words and back again ,and even though I have become familiar with what the mumbles mean I will not answer until JK talks to me but will just explain that I do not understand when she mumbles and grunts, and by doing this instead of this lasting all day like when I first became JK’s one-2-one it usually only lasts till just after if not before we get to day Centre, and on this day we were talking about going to Hedgerows the respite centre for break after Xmas. Once we arrived at the car park I asked JK to remain seated in the car till I helped her out so that she would be safe as she is always eager to get on the go as soon

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