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Task 1 Supply Chain Karen Wilson ID 0299047 Western Governor’s University My actions during the simulation were very consistent. I chose the names of the company, the models of the PC’s and the names of the advertisements very deliberately. I used the notion that the customer buys products as an extension of themselves and their perceptions. I monitored the Pro Forma quarterly, just trying to maintain a profit. I did not consider any changes until the fourth quarter. I made very simple, conservative moves when setting up the company. I limited the customer choices to increase sales and chose two very distinctive populations of customer targets. The worker bee and the elitist were the main focus populations to whom I was trying to sell the product. I did not use much money in media advertising and I chose four advertisements, two for each model. I advertised in 2-3 top media populations and chose the market based on the research given in the simulation. I invested most of the money into the sales employees and choose to employ 25 people. I invested in a comprehensive health plan to keep the employees in a wellness from of mind to try to avoid employee loss due to illness. I had success through the third quarter but compared to the competitors did not have a high market share. One of my main goals coming when creating the business was to find a niche market and have success. I maintained good product review. In the fourth quarter I increased the number of advertisements using the customer review research information provided. I would expect to see an increase in sales based on this decision in the next year. I used the information on price judgment to maintain the initial price of the modals, again moving forward I would use this in the advertising campaign. I was not making any changes to the company in the first three quarters. I

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