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Supplier Qualification How could the company improve supplier co-operation and what would you consider as a program for supplier relationship management. Thinking of the food business what could be done by the restaurant chain to qualify suppliers and create closer relations. Try to investigate and illustrate best practices e.g. from fast food chains. When the global economic crisis strikes the parts of world, there are only a few industries or sectors that remain impassive from its consequences. Among few of these industries, is a fast food chain industry that shows least significant changes in the consumption as well as the contribution towards the overall economic flow. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, fast food has demonstrated to be recession-proof in emerging markets. Knowing the capacity of fast food industry, it is imperative to know how their functioning is affected in case of their presence as particular giants in the environment. There are multiple entities involved in the food business, in any and every part of the world. Since the company needs to be in absolute circle of contact with multiple vendors, suppliers, distributors and quality manufacturers, they need to be wary about how they pick up on particular suppliers that can prove to be cost effective and work friendly with the company. The partnership with the vendor hence needs to have that element of competitive edge that would give extra added benefit to the company in long run. In order to identify the potential suppliers, company must evaluate them on the basis of their ability of timely strategic planning and feasibility of their technological capacity and innovation. In this particular case, ‘Green Chilly’ was facing numerous cost and quality issues with the current suppliers, noticing a significant churn rate and high seasonality in sales. Supplier co-operation: For ‘Green

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