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The Coca Cola supply chain is a very efficient process. In an interview with Steve Buffington, Coca Colas vice president of supply chain development and director of supply chain Bottling Investments Group, he states that they have over 16 million retail outlet stores around the world, which reaches an amazing 1.8 billion servings of Coca cola products sold worldwide, every day. Amazingly, of those 16 million, they do direct store delivery to more than 10 million stores, to “ensure they get the product on the shelves in a consistent way”. That is an incredible feat and requires every aspect of their business to be effective, especially their supply chain process. For this assignment, we will discuss Coca Cola as a company, their process of producing their final goods, as well as the supply process itself. Additionally, we will cover issues that we feel Coca Cola may be able to improve on, such as their Information Technology department, and directly connecting to retail stores. Coca Cola Philosophy Coca Cola is unlike any other company in the world. Coca Cola does not simply advertise their product, but they advertise friends, family and happiness (as said in their commercials, open happiness) According to their advertisement, when you open up a bottle of Coke, they do not want you to think about the product itself, they want you to think about happiness. They aim for you, the consumer, to associate the Coca Cola taste with happiness. * Judging by this commercial, they do a great job associating the taste with happy and good times, all without saying one word about their product. So how do we get this can of happiness available in our stores, and how is it created? And is their process eco-friendly? These questions will begin to be answered in the following pages, but first, where does Coca Cola get their

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