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Supply and Demand Simulation Essay

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Identifying Principles or Concepts
After completing the “Applying Supply and Demand Concepts” simulation the following concepts and principles were identified: demand and supply along with equilibrium as microeconomic principles, and shifts in demand and supply along with price ceiling as macroeconomic concepts. The previous concepts were identified accordingly because microeconomics analyzes from the parts to a whole; therefore, supply and demand and equilibrium as the small parts that affect the whole. In contrast macroeconomics analyzing from the whole to the parts reflects how the concepts of price ceiling and shifts in demand and supply are larger outside factors that affect the smaller internal parts.
Supply and Demand Curve Shifts
In the simulation there were multiple examples reflecting shifts in the demand curve as well as shifts in the supply curve. For any supplier, a higher price is an incentive to supply more; therefore, as rental rates increased, the number of apartments GoodLife was willing to lease also increased. Typically, the reason for this shift could be either production or maintenance costs, which means that each additional unit of the product would be supplied at a higher price. As the rental rate increases, the number of apartments supplied increases is an example of an upward sloping supply curve. As for the shift in the demand curve, this was caused by the increase in population even though the supply of apartments was unaffected. At any given rental rate, an increase in population is automatically going to create more people demanding apartments for rent, thus causing the shift in the demand curve.
Supply and Demand in the Workplace
The real-world product that I am familiar with as a result of my workplace is Vocational Education. The way I can apply these concepts is simple. In my workplace, multiple vocational concentrations are offered based on the demands of the outside working environment. When medical professionals are in...

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