Superwomen: Choosing to Stay at Home vs. Climbing the Corporate Ladder

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Superwomen: Choosing to stay at home vs. Climbing the corporate ladder It’s hard to believe in 2013, women still battle with this age old dilemma, of feeling the need to choose between either staying at home with their children or working outside of the home. It’s true that the majority of mother’s in the U.S. work outside the home (U.S. Bureau of Census, 2012) , as it has been for the last two decades, however, there are still women that debate whether to stay at home or work. The women’s right movement has fought for women to stand up and be heard in the corporate world, what would are four mother’s say? Choosing to climb the corporate ladder allows women to be heard. Our children have been socialize that mommy falls into all the feminine characteristics, which doesn’t allow them to look past nurturing mommy, and to understand that women take on many different roles. A woman staying at home doesn’t allow her to reach her full capability and contribute to society. In addition, children whose mother’s worked outside the home showed more independence and achievement than those whose parents stayed home. With the thought of women climbing the corporate ladder, is eerily similar to the women of the 1950’s, just switch the apron to a briefcase. In the past and now, the need for a woman to have identity aside from children and home is the same. So much of who we are is interconnected to what we do; in essence it’s our identity. Just like the women that sparked the liberal feminist movement, today’s woman wants to contribute to the world. Recent research done by Hoffman et. al, (1999) studied that a mother’s employment affects her well-being. When you ask a woman to name her roles she will say, woman, mother, wife, and profession. Why is it that a woman feels ashamed to state what she does first? It is not being selfish to want to be included at the

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