Supervisor Plan

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Supervisor Plan * Establish rapport The climate created in the interview is important , allow communication to develop freely in order to build mutual confidence. * Explain purpose and set agenda Let the applicant know the order of things to occur in the interview. * Describe the job and organization An interview is a two-way process. There are details the applicant needs to know about the position, your department, salary information, training opportunities, etc * Ask effective and legal questions Open-ended "why", "how", "what", "describe" or "tell me about" Ask applicants examples from past (work) history that will reveal areas of knowledge, skills and abilities required for them to be successful on the job. * Gather and evaluate predictive information Here is where the skills of listening, probing, reflecting and evaluating come into play. * Allow the applicant to add information and ask questions Provide the applicant an opportunity to summarize his/her strengths and ask questions about the position. * Conclude the interview Thank the applicant, outline what will happen next and give the applicant an appropriate date by which you will make your decision. Candidate Assessment The goal here is to make a careful hiring decision and avoid hiring mistakes that cost time, money Competence: Does the candidate have the core skills to perform well? Experience: Does the candidate have the needed experience to succeed on the job? NU Values: Does the candidate exhibit the key behaviours for the job family/zone of the job? Interpersonal Skills: Can the candidate get along well with other team members? Adaptability: How has the candidate dealt with change? Focus: Does the candidate have purpose, direction and goals that mesh with your Department's? Initiative: Will the candidate take action? Attitude: Does the candidate

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