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Running head: SUPERVISORY PRACTICE Supervisory Practice There are many different types of schools that have different styles of leadership and supervision. Schools are different because of their demographics, economic status and academic performance level. According to the Interactive Local Report Card (2010), “The school is one that has at-risk students, low academic performance and a population rate of 99% African American”. According to Glickman, Gordon & Gordon (2010), “Inequity for low-income and racial/ethnic minority students and students in at risk situations also can be a problem within conventional schools that include a diverse student body”. When looking at the models, the one that fits best is the collegial model. Type of School: Conventional, Congenial or Collegial A conventional school model is one that has a mentality that is for individual satisfaction. Teachers who are a part of this model keep to themselves and don’t want help from anyone else. Their ideas of working collaboratively for the betterment of the school are not their intention. Also, teachers who work in this model seem to have cliques which will cause dissension among other teachers and not communicate effectively. Being a congenial school is where the work place is fun, everyone gets along with each other and is looked upon as a “party atmosphere”. Our school is far from a congenial school. Who would want to work in a school where it seems nothing goes wrong and everything is deemed as not important? The school model that is believed to fit best is the collegial model. According to Glickman (1994), “Collegial schools are characterized by purposeful, adult-level interactions focused on the teaching and learning of students. People do not necessarily socialize with one another, but they respect their differences of opinion about education. Mutual professional

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