Supervisor Essay

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A supervisor is a very important person in each organization. His job is to control and to guide the group of people toward its goals. A good supervisor should lead his group to success. Therefore supervisor should have several important qualities to get a success. First of all it is necessary for supervisor to have great communication communication skills. He needs to relay instructions very clearly so that every part can be well understood in order to avoid mistakes. He also should listen carefully to what his employees tell. Another important thing is that supervisor should have qualities of a coacher. A good supervisor shares his wisdom, knowledge and experience with the employees. He helps them perform better. This also strengthens the bond and the trust between them. The third necessary quality is to be disciplined. If a supervisor is disciplined then he can expect the people to be so. The boss is an example , it is important for him to come on time, meet the time-lines, set a behavioral code if necessary. The last quality of a good supervisor is having excellent organization skills. It is his job to coordinate the work and allocate resources. He should always know where everything is and needs to be prepared for the task. It's also important to organize the teamwork to reach good results. In conclusion, good supervisor helps to achieve the goal of his company. So, to do this, he should have several qualities, such as communication and organisation skills, coacher skills and discipline. All these qualities are very important for supervisor to be successful and to do his work in a right

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