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Journal Chapter 1 This is a very interesting chapter because it talks and explain about the supervisor responsibilities. All the functions are accurate and describe well the duties of a supervisor. Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling are some of the duties. A great example from the text book is that most of the supervisor start out as regular workers before becoming supervisor. For instant, I started working as a machine operator, then I was promoted to warehouse forklift driver. A year later the company promoted me to warehouse supervisor. You have to work really hard and always look for the best way to help the company to achieve their goals. As the text book explain, becoming a supervisor is a big change in your life. Now, I’m the supervisor and not one of the crowd. This can be a hard change to the crowd and the supervisor because your coworkers are used to tread you as one of them. For example, when I became supervisor, they were concerned about my coworkers not taking me seriously because I was young. Some of my coworkers were jealous because they had been on the company for more years than me. I think managers see your potential and what you can bring to the company. For me, good human relation skills, decision making skills, technical skills, responsibilities, communications are always important to perform on any type of work tittle you have on a company. I love what I do and I’m taking this class because I want to be more prepared for my job. I know that in a not to long future I’m going to be promoted as a

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