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I believe that as a supervisor, it would be important to come along side the company as They set formal planning or goals for the company into action, (and yes there may some Among management that may feel that writing down formal planning may have a Negative view point, I believe that plus side out weight the negative. When the management have a formal planning is written down, it has a clear plan for The supervisor to follow and express that plan to it employees, they know what is Expected and the best way to excite the formal plan. I agree that supervisors who fail to Formally plans are setting themselves up to fail, for without a formal plan there is no set direction to follow. Business goal setting is important because it turns aspirations into tangible objects which require commitment and action. Used for measuring performance, increasing revenue and meeting business challenges, goals ideally include specific guidelines, details and outline resources necessary for attainment. The act and practice of goal setting allows the business and its employees to gauge the direction the business wishes to go, and can give credence to established business models, mission statements and overall objectives. Setting business goals provides your business with a structured framework. It is a skill that assists the company to understand whether the firm is successful or not. A business is likely to meet failure without clearly constructed business goals. Well-defined business goals provide a detailed guideline to everyone involved with the company. There is a strong relationship between a successful company and an effective goal setting process. By setting goals, specifically SMART goals, employers engage their workforce and encourage employees across the company to focus and successfully achieve these goals together. Strong goal alignment and goal visibility

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