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Who Should Look Out for the Safety of Social Networking Web Site Users? In recent years, social networking Web site usage by children and adults exploded as a new means of communicating and socializing. Not surprisingly, the problems associated with this exciting way to interact with others mirror some problems in society in general. Problems include bullying, smear campaigns against individuals, and inappropriate contact between adults and minors. Recently, a high-school-aged girl secretly left the country with the intent of marrying an adult in a foreign country whom she met on a social networking Web site. Fortunately, authorities in the foreign country intercepted her at the airport and sent her home. Some parents claim that the government should intervene to ensure better monitoring of inappropriate behavior. While some social networking Web site companies have stepped up monitoring, they often claim that they are not responsible for the behavior of individuals, and parents and individuals should be responsible for inappropriate actions. Many individuals feel that the problems are simply a matter of personal responsibility and following some simple guidelines, such as the “golden rule.” Should social networking Web sites do a better job of telling their users what is safe or unsafe information to share? Why or why not? What role should parents play in overseeing their child’s involvement in social networking Web sites? Why? Should police or other government authorities be responsible for maintaining order on social networking Web sites in the same way they are charged with maintaining order in society in general? Why or why not? Should You Trust a Wiki for Academic Research? As wikis have grown in number, size, and popularity, some educators and librarians have shunned the sites as valid sources of research. While many wikis are tightly controlled

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