Supervision Essay

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Supervision is understood as systematic cooperation between the supervisee and the supervisor in CBT; it is aimed at improving the therapeutic competencies of the therapist when working with particular clients (Prasko,, 2011). The primary goal of CBT supervision is to increase the value of the counseling development in the client’s best interest. This usually requires agreement between both the supervisor’s and the supervisee’s behavior and the therapy model, sensitivity to specific individual individualities and focus on the client’s interests (Prasko,, 2011). “CBT supervision is also focused on improving the supervisee’s skills to understand, actively solve and adequately emotionally experience both therapeutic work and oneself in the role of a therapist. To meet this goal, supervision needs to aid in increasing the therapist’s competencies, i.e. improve knowledge, abilities and skills, learn to understand his/her own reactions and increase his/her self-confidence. Another role of CBT supervision is to teach the therapist to respect his/her limits and to work with patients in a way that prevents burnout” as stated by (Prasko,, 2011). In CBT supervision, “the basic postulates of learning theory are used such as classical and operant conditioning, cognitive learning and social learning (Prasko,, 2011)”. Some principles used as content of supervision as listed by Prasko,, (2011) may be: understanding the case and its conceptualization; clarifying the borders of one’s competencies and realizing one’s own limits; increasing knowledge; increasing awareness of ethical issues in therapy, supporting the therapist’s independence, and caring for

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