Supertracker 3 Day Diet Record

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Project 2: Three-Day Diet Record Name: Read the Instructions for the Diet Analysis Project carefully. The detailed instructions on how to complete Project 2 are found in a separate document. Complete the daily food logs as described in the instructions. Enter all foods and beverages from the food logs into SuperTracker. Generate and save the following reports to your computer. These reports must be submitted in the Project 2 drop box on ANGEL along with this document. Reports to save, use and submit to the ANGEL drop box along with this document: Food Groups and Calories for each day individually (3 reports total) Meal Summary for 3 days combined (1 report) You will record all food and beverages (except water) that you ate throughout the day in the daily food logs below. Remember to give as many details as possible as described in the instructions document. Record all vitamin and mineral supplements that you take in the space below the food log, but do not enter them into SuperTracker. DAILY FOOD LOG – DAY 1 (Weekday) Date: 1/26/14 (Sunday) FOOD ITEM | DESCRIPTION | TYPE of PREPARATION | AMOUNT | Ex. egg, margarine | large egg | fried in margarine | 1 lg, 1 tsp marg | Ex. orange juice | frozen concentrate | diluted w/ water | 6 oz. | Eggs | 2 large eggs | Poach/broiled | 2lg | avocado | Large avocado | Cut in half & baked | 1 | Parmesan cheese | Grated cheese | grated | 2tbs | Simple OJ | Not from concentrated | | 1cup | Champagne | Burt champagne | | 2 glasses | Coffee, cream, sugar | Coffee, half & half, raw sugar | | 1cup, 1tbs, 2tsp | Miso soup | | (Take out) | 1.5cups | Sushi Roll-Gabby & Stephen- white tuna, spicy salmon w/ crunch, avocado, eel sauce, white rice & seaweed paper | | (Take out)Raw fish, cooked white rice | Roll cut into 6 pieces | Sushi

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