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Troy Dahlstrom Mrs. Deleb Academic Writing Examples Essay April 11, 2013 Superstition Belief and fate play a large role in people’s lives as there must be a reason for everything happening. Superstition is the belief in some supernatural process whether it be good or bad. They can be as simple as wearing an old uniform under your new one for good luck like Michael Jordan. Others can be more complex involving dressing in a different order depending on the day of the week. In the world of sports, this is just everyday life for many. Sports athletes are said to be some of the most superstitious people, baseball players top the list. Good and bad luck can be changed in the blink of an eye. For instance, spitting into your hand before you bat, sticking a wad of gum onto the brim of your hat, or even sleeping with your equipment before a big game can all lead to good things. While generosity can go a long way in the opposite direction. A player is to never, ever lend their bat to another player even if their life depended on it. All the greats have their own superstitions such as Wade Boggs only ate chicken on game day. The king of them all may be Nomar Garciaparra, shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. Everyday he would get up and get dressed the same way, make sure to step on each dugout step with both feet, and while at bat he’d tug his batting gloves and tap his toes for good luck. Not once can these routines be forgotten, or the whole season could be at stake, or so thought. However, it’s not just baseball players; almost everyone is a little superstitious. Many believe things such as walking under an open ladder can cause seven years of bad luck. Silly little accidents over the years have been made into odd fates of bad luck. For example, don’t go near black cats or break a mirror. Bad things tend to happen after such

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