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Summary of A Few Kind Words for Superstition A Few Kind Words for Superstition is an essay written by Robertson Davies, who is one of Canada’s foremost writers of plays, novels, and satire. In this essay, the author focuses on people’s attitude towards superstitions and the four main types of superstition. In the first part, the author states his opinion that superstition is something of an underground belief that no one will admit to, yet most people still participate in it. Things such as Parapsychology, UFOS, miracle cures, and transcendental meditation are condemned and people who admit to being superstitious are thought to be naiveté and ignorance. However, superstition is slightly objected by many people. In the second part, Davies writes that there are four forms of superstitions which are assured by theologians. The first one is called Vain Observances. He sets a deeply learned professor as an example to show that Vain Observances are acts performed for religious reasons. People truly believe in what they are doing and they should not be humble in front of the Devil. The second form is Divination. People believe in some divine power to guide them. He shows this form through the example of how thousands of people, including one of his professors, appear to the I Ching for the excellent advice. The third one is Idolatry. For this type, people believe in power of some lucky items, such as jujus and lucky coins, to help or protect them. The fourth one is Improper Worship of the True God. It refers to some activities indulging in rituals rather than having true faith in power and goodness of God. In the third part of this essay, the author deals with the history, popularity, characteristics and reason for people’s fascination in superstition. Superstition has a long history; he believes that superstition has been existed since human beings

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