Superstitions Essay

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Nowadays, various beliefs in superstitions based on different races still exist and are being practised as customs in their culture. For the Chinese, majority of the superstitions had been carried down from one generation to the next, and influenced their way of thinking and lifestyle. One of the superstitions of the Chinese is, a pregnant woman is prohibited to do something that they usually can do such as striking an animal. This is because if she strikes an animal during pregnancy, the newborn child will look alike and behave like the animal. Besides that, old people also believe that if a woman uses glue during her pregnancy, she will have a difficult birth. In addition, couples who have the same surname are not allowed to marry eventhough they have no blood relation. The old people think that people who have still belong to the same ancestry. Moreover, it is also a superstition among the Chinese that if one person marries another person who has a difference of age, either three or six years old younger or older might bring bad luck to the couples. They might experience many problems and sufferings such as being poor, having many arguments or even death and sickness. Last but not least, the Chinese are not suppose to go straight home after they have gone to a wake too. The reason is because the death bring up negative reactions that will make people feel uncomfortable with it. If a person go straight home after leaving a wake, the old people believe that they might brought the ghost of dead or in the other way, the ghost of dead might follow the person home. In conclusion, the superstitions that had been brought down from the great ancestors has affect people’s lives and are being kept and brought forward until now. Hence, superstitions has become the customs and traditions of the Chinese which is likely to continue in the

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