Superstition Essay

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Superstitions are actually an irrational belief that is held by individuals and even though there is no evidence present that they are true, they do cause some anxiety when situations play out. For example when you don't have any choice but to walk under a ladder or step on a crack and then something bad happens then this would cause some anxiety. Basically these superstitions are inner beliefs or convictions about how the world functions and they are hard to ignore or overcome. These superstitions are a way for us to experience some consistency in this world, by believing that these superstitions are true hence it is easier to believe then give them up. Science on the other hand is the accumulation of knowledge, it is based on factual observation it is a very slow and long process to manipulate variables. There is a distinction between scientific beliefs and superstitions but that distinction is at times hard to identify. The way humans believe is not clearly divided onto two categories, same way it is at times hard to differentiate between scientific belief and superstition. Superstition is a way of thinking where an individual is convinced that taboo behavior kind of forces bad things to happen at times. It is hard to say that any individual is entirely free of any superstition at all. The only way to tell if you are superstitious or not are to change your rituals like put your socks and shoes in different order or change the order of your morning ritual and see what will happen. You will see that there is some feeling inside you that not doing things in the proper order will lead to something bad happening or will make you uncomfortable. For example when someone experiences bad luck after a black cat crosses your path, and then every time a black cat crosses your path you might try to ignore it but deep inside you would unconsciously ensure that there will be

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