Supersize Me Part 2

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Super Size Me Part II 1. Morgan’s hunger and appetite changed tremendously throughout his experiment. There were many different effects that the McDonalds diet had on Morgan. After five days Morgan gained almost 10 pounds, this proves to us that he was gaining an unhealthy amount of weight in a small amount of time. After a certain period of time Morgan found himself short on energy, hungrier more often, loss of sex drive, and sometimes he would experience sickness. After one of his super size meals he threw up in the parking lot. 2. The film Super Size proved to many Americans that what we eat doesn’t just affect our weight, but almost every part of us. By Morgan consuming over five thousand calories a day for thirty days he gained over twenty four pounds and increased his body mass by thirteen percent. By doing this he changed the regulation of his normal diet. From there his hunger and appetite totally changed. Morgan was hungrier more often; his appetite changed from his normal foods to just McDonalds foods. Morgan also experienced signs of Neuropeptide Y. The main effect of neuropeptide Y is an increase of food intake and a decrease in physical…show more content…
When eating fast food you are exposed to many addictive ingredients. In this instance: meat, cheese, sugar and caffeine. These ingredients convinced Morgan that he needed to have them. After a point in time he found himself experiencing mood swings with massive headaches, his body was craving the food in order to make him feel better. Morgan said himself that he felt ten times better after he ate his meals. 4. Though there is proof that the ingredients quesomorphines make cheese addictive, and that caffeine can cause pop and sugar to be addictive. There is no real evidence as to why meat can be so addictive. Doctors haven’t figured out if there is a certain ingredient to why meat is so addictive, or if it is just personal opinion. The taste of meat on our taste buds just might be what triggers

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