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No one can deny that having your own time machine would be pretty awesome despite the fact that changing something from the past can have serious effects on the present and future. However, what could be cooler when I could go back and meet myself at an earlier age and go forward to see how I look in the future. If given a chance to travel with Marian using the time machine, I would go first the past, in the year 1980's. That's the time when the love story of my parent's begun. I just want to know why my parents broke up even before my mom knew she was pregnant with me, so I would learn to understand and accept it gradually. Since Marian is a Psychologist, i think she can help me a lot with my mission. We will do anything to get my parents back together in the past for me to have a happy and united family in the present time. Our next destination would be in Marian's favor because she was able to help me discover the real story behind my broke-family. I think I would suggest that we travel into the future and discover Marian's status of her career in the future time. Whatever it will be, at least she has the idea about it, so she can make the most out of it while she's still in the present. With my new power to easily move backwards and forwards in time using my Time Machine, I think I will use it the right way by helping people travel into their past to change all the bad things they have done in their lives, or go to their future and see what they will become if they continue to live life in a particular way. However, I don't want to abuse this power to avoid negative consequences. It could accidentally cause many other events/problems which would normally wouldn't have

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