Supernatural in Macbeth Essay

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| Supernatural elements in Macbeth | Discuss the use of supernatural element in Macbeth | Supernatural caused the downfall of man | | Supernatural augments the atmosphere of the playWitches was responsible for the downfall of MacbethMacbeth himself was responsible for his downfall | | Table of Contents ABSTRACT 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 3 LITERATURE REVIEW 4 INTRODUCTION 6 ELIZABETHAN BELIEF IN SUPERNATURAL AND WITCHCRAFT 7 ROLE OF THE WITCHES, APPARITIONS AND PROPHECIES 8 CRITICS OPINION ABOUT SUPERNATURAL AND WITCHCRAFT IN MACBETH 9 CONCLUSION 11 ABSTRACT ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my family, teacher, and friends who helped me in my research. My special thanks also goes to my parents who supported me and inspired me throughout this research. LITERATURE REVIEW The main theme of my research is about the use of supernatural elements in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The use of supernatural is a well-known and widely discussed. Various supernatural elements can be seen in Macbeth; namely in the form of the three witches, the ghost of Banquo, the floating dagger and the apparitions. Many authors have elaborated the use of supernatural elements in different perspectives. We can see that theories differ from one another. According Matrix theory, Macbeth commits the murder only for selfish reason; in order to become king. Some theories suggest that Macbeth was influenced by the supernatural but some believe that Macbeth himself was responsible for his actions and inevitable downfall. Macbeth ignores the voice of his own psyche and let himself carried away by the predictions of the witches. He is aware that he is going to commit a murder, but nevertheless he lets himself mislead by the three weird sisters and his own wife Lady Macbeth. The ghost and the apparitions also influenced Macbeth a lot. We say
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