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Allegory in the story can reveal a hidden meaning of what the writer is trying get throughout the reading. In the story Marquez certainly has both literal and symbolic levels. Wings represent power, speed, innocence and spiritually. Throughout the short story of A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez which can be magical and mysterious in sub-genre. This short story is about an old man with enormous wings that appears in a small town, looking dirty and very sick, and speaking an incomprehensible language. Thought to be an angel but kept in a chicken coop, he becomes the subject of much speculation and hubbub, yet is never treated with dignity or respect. Finally the day comes that he regains enough strength to fly away. The old man symbolizes man's reaction to what we cannot or do not understand and the spider-woman appeals to the humans because she can explain how she became a spider-woman, teaching them a moral about children obeying their parents. First, people preconceived ideas about certain things, and the old man as an angel doesn't fit there notion of what angels should be and the old man physical description can be symbolic in different ways. For instance the old man is being judge by his appearance and how he can not be an angel because he is old and dirty. To the reader it may seem that the old man can represent humanity and he is being mistreated from the townspeople, which their religion shows them what an angel should be like. The angel appearance made the human doubt their belief if he is more human than angel. These humans have different expectation of what an angel should look like and what language it should speak. The narrator says, “His huge buzzard wings, dirty and half-plucked, were forever entangled in the mud” (269). The buzzard wings represent the possibility of freedom and the ability to escape. Pelayo and Elisenda’s

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