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There are many different kind of religion. I do believe in God and from the bible book. I am studying the bible with Jehovah’s Witness people because they show the proof from the bible and study from the bible in God’s words. I don’t believe what another people tell me because I rather believe from the bible because it’s in God’s words. God has name like human being have their name too and God’s name is Jehovah. The difference between supernatural and paranormal is that supernatural usually is only about haunting and ghost. Paranormal involves anything we can’t explain. From what I read in this book is full of fiction .The author Robert Ellis Cahill wrote this story about “Whitman’s Haunted Bed” and it talks about an old lady died on the old bed 100 years ago. The husband and wife decided to buy this house and moved and the bed still there. They decided to keep it and use it. The old lady who died there really hates the husband and was choking him while he is asleep and the old lady did things to make the kitchen mess makes the husband yelling at the wife which the wife did not make those mess. I never heard anyone complain about it on the T.V. news or anything like that. I believe those people just like to say those things to make people read and more attraction. It is like people making some money by writing books about romance, dramas, horror, and supernatural. Most of them are not true story that makes people thought its true which it is not. Some people tend to get paranoid by reading it and thinking it is all true. For example, there are scissors that are used for cutting papers, clothes, and things that can be cut by scissors. The scissors has two crossing blade pivoted in the middle and holding by thumb and fingers inserted in rings at each end. It is not found in nature. I know there is sun every 24 hours that are moving rotation around the earth

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