Superlative Spectre Essay

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In the movie Big Fish, Edward Bloom states, “As difficult as it was to reach Spectre, I was fated to get there eventually. After all, no man can avoid reaching the end of his life.” Everyone is aware that death is inevitable, and everyone is aware that there may lay an afterlife or heaven beyond this world. Not everyone realizes that the town of Spectre is a symbol for heaven, the afterlife, and the American Dream. In Latin, Spectre means appearance; the town certainly is one of the marvelous appearances in the movie. The actuality of perfect idleness and relaxation where one’s shoes are “retired” to hang on a clothesline is impractical. It is implausible to fit a single meaning into the town of Spectre. The significance of Edward’s trip to Spectre gives him a brief, luxurious glance at heaven, and it strengthens the idea that there is a risk involved if any man or woman should ever choose to welcome this idyllic lifestyle. Before reaching Spectre, Edward Bloom traveled down a dangerous road that only a single man has taken before, and he was never seen again. The treacherous route Edward decided to travel is a symbol for life and the struggles everyone goes through. It demonstrates that life is a difficult path, but those who work hard will be rewarded. Edward decided to take a change not knowing that he would end up in the most quintessential municipality. After Edward reached the end of his journey on the path, he found himself in the town of Spectre. Spectre can also be compared to a time of opulence in Edward’s life; everyone is able to relax and eat pie while they walk on streets made of green grass. When Edward arrived to Spectre, the mayor with a clipboard and list of names greeted him. He told Edward that he arrived too early. This resembles the idea of what is thought of to be the afterlife. The juxtapositions between Spectre and the
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