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You can find many differences between “To An Athlete Dying Young” written by: A.E. Housman; and “Digging” written by: Seamus Heaney. “To An Athlete Dying Young” is obviously the superior poem. There are many easy ways to tell this. The flow is better, more can relate to this poem, and the message of this poem is more inspirational. First, this poem reads better. The flow is a lot easier to understand, compared to “Digging” which has a harder flow to comprehend. This poem also sounds a lot more sophisticated for something so simple. “The time you won your town the race,” it flows very easily. You can clearly tell what this poem is about so you are a lot more interested in the poem and its message. Second, more people can relate to this poem, compared to “Digging” which is about digging, true that maybe contractors can relate to this, but most of the world plays a sport. Therefore, they can relate to this poem a lot more. Since, half of learning anything is relation and relation to a subject is one of the strongest bonds anyone can make. Finally, the message is much stronger. In comparison “to an Athlete Dying Young”‘s message of give it your all, which is inspirational to all athletes, while “Digger” has a message of admire your elders. In Conclusion, “To An Athlete Dying Young” is the superior and the ultimate better decision when choosing which poem is better. The flow is much better in this poem making it a lot easier to read and comprehend. More people can also relate to this poem, again making it easier to comprehend. The message is extremely easier to realize and figure out therefore easier to know what the reader is reading. These reasons are why, “To An Athlete Dying Young” is the superior
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