The superior man loves quality; the small man loves comfort.

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Confucius lived during the control of the Zhou dynasty. The Zhou ruled China at that time when China was in chaos. Many scholars and great thinkers travelled the country trying to restore order to the Chinese society. Confucius used his teachings to help unite people and had many sayings that helped many people learn about nature, the world and the human behaviour. He also taught the government and the emperor how they should rule his kingdom successfully. “The superior man loves quality; the small man loves comfort” is one of the Confucius teachings. “The superior man loves quality” means that the superior is the smart person who loves quality which is something that will last, have value and worth. Quality does not necessarily mean expensive. They are wise people who choose wiser decisions. For example, an intelligent person would choose a reusable drink bottle over a non reusable one. This is a more sensible decision because a reusable drink bottle can be used over and over again so it has worth and quality whereas a non reusable drink bottle could only be used once. “The small man loves comfort” means that the small man is less smart than a superior person. A small man does not have as much knowledge as a superior person because a superior person is wiser and more intelligent. Comfort means something that they like and enjoy. It could mean expensive and is not worthwhile and won’t last for a long time. The small man is obviously not as smart as a superior man so they would choose the non reusable drink bottle. The non reusable drink bottle is an unwise decision because it may have something special that they would enjoy but it is harmful to the environment which will only be used once. The quote “The superior man loves quality; the small man love comfort” means that it is wiser to choose quality over comfort. Because a superior man will choose quality
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