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V8 Supercar Aerodynamics Due Date: Wednesday 13th February 2013 This assignment is to explore the aerodynamic factors incorporated in to V8 Supercars as compared to standard sport cars. Tests are regularly conducted on the Woomera Airport. Holden and Ford are compared with standard aerodynamic fixtures. Your job is to find the following: 1) Explain the term ‘Aerodynamics’. 2) List as many aerodynamic features fitted to the V8 Supercars in order to provide a balance between down force and performance.---Cars use spoilers and wings, a front air damp and side skirts all either made in house by the teams or bought from a specialist company. Each piece is tested and measured by running the car up to a set speed and then allowing the car to stop under friction. This will allow an accurate measure of the aerodynamic drag over a range of speeds. The spoilers are aerodynamic devices designed to diminish unfavourable air movement across the vehicle. Spoilers on the front of the vehicle are usually called air dams, since in addition to directing air flow they also reduce the amount of air flowing underneath the vehicle which reduces lift and drag. 3) What rev. limit is set for both cars during testing? 4) What is the purpose of the rear spoiler or wing? How does changing the angle help? 5) Without incorporating aerodynamic factors to the cars, the performance would be very limited due to drag. There are several different types of drag – Some include Form Drag, Parasite Drag, Induced Drag. Explain the meanings and provide examples of these types of drag, and find another 2 types of drag, again providing a meaning and example. 6) What is a potentiometer? Why is it used? -A Potentiometer is a sensor and electric component that can control and indicate the position

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