Superbowl Analysis

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Sociology Superbowl The Super Bowl is the championship game of Football and happens once a year. To celebrate this big day, people make special parties, friends gather together at bars, restaurants ,houses, families get together, the whole country stops to watch Football or at least the half-time, commercials but somehow people stop. According to Wikipedia, the Super Bowl is now considered by some as an american Holiday . It's the largest day for U.S food consumption after Thanksgiving Day aid also the most watched show of the entire year. As a non-native American, I find this day to be beautiful. I find Football to be a great sport but I don't understand anything about it, rules etc, so I usually don't watch any games or the real game at the Super Bowl at all, but if there's something I don't miss is the half show the commercial. The commercial are definitely the best of all year and super creative. And thats what I'm going to talk about in this article, my three favorite commercials of 2013. My third favorite was the Coca-Cola Commercial, called " Security Camera", which show security cameras capturing people's good behavior and happy moments . I thought it was such a positive commercial and is nice to watch " in secret" good behavior. The media always shows bad stuff and even…show more content…
This one showing the strong relationship between man and animals, in this case represented by a farmer and his horse. It shows scenes of their relationship like when the horse was born, the farmer sleeping in the stable with it, the horse getting sick etc and it shows how they reunite in the end, after being apart from each other for about 3 years. This commercial was the winner of this year and is really a beautiful commercial. According to Forbes,this advertisement had more than 10 million you tube views, with an ACE (measure of Ad creative effectiveness) score of 665, number one this
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